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As of January 1, 2005 all Home Inspectors working in New York State will need to be licensed. The Grandfathering the State allowed was very weak and basically all inspectors currently working as Home Inspectors will be Grandfathered. Many even were allowed to take an open book, on-line test that wasn’t even proctored to qualify. Believe it or not some did not have to take a test at all.

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We at HomePro Inspections have completed over 10,000 Home Inspections and have been exclusively in the Home Inspection business for over 15 years.


Don’t trust your Inspection on the fact that an individual is licensed, instead look for the most experienced company and hire them.


At HomePro Inspections we believe “Experience Is Everything


I am including a copy of our licenses for you along with our company profile.


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M. Douglas Myers